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   A Fine Arts Organization Dedicated To Promoting The Classical Guitar

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The vision of Guitar Houston is to bring together people that love classical guitar and its historical relatives such as the lute and the early romantic guitar in a friendly environment that supports amateur and professional players. Guitar Houston sponsors concerts and master-classes of well known guitarists.
In addition Guitar Houston supports worthy and talented developing artists at the beginning of their careers through free concerts and community outreach programs. Our monthly public meetings feature lectures, live performances, and activities for players of various interests and skill level and a social hour. Guitar Houston is a non-profit organization open to all players and aficionados.

Why not call this a guitar society?
Certainly one can think of Guitar Houston as a guitar society, however, the founders felt the word “society” is sometimes confused as meaning “exclusive” or “academic”. We want guitarists and music lovers to have fun, learn about the guitar, hear it performed and have a chance to perform in a non-threatening environment.

Guitar Houston provides the greater Houston area with cultural enrichment. Members benefit from opportunities to perform, learn from each other and share ideas. The community benefits include fine arts cultural education, and our outreach program which included volunteer performances at nursing homes, schools, and other public forums.

Guitar Houston is an official class C(3) non-profit organization registered with the I.R.S., And a non-profit corporation in the state of Texas. Guitar Houston operates via an elected 12-member Board of Directors subject to by-laws registered in the state of Texas. Check with your tax adviser to determine if your contributions may be tax deductible. Our operating expenses such as concert artists and production fees, printing, computer/internet, and meeting materials are based on your contributions. Memberships dues are critical to future success.

Please click here to download membership form.


For a very low cost or $45.00 for family, $30.00 for individuals, $15.00 for students and children you can join Guitar Houston for a full year. Your membership helps to support the classical guitar community in Houston and to underwrite the expenses of the concerts and events. Members receive generous discounts at every Guitar Houston event such as concerts and master classes. Preferred, reserved seating is available only to GH members. At the monthly public meeting, event announcements will be given, and any member may perform for the group, and on occasion, special guest artists or lectures may be presented.

The meetings also provide the opportunity to meet and get to know other classical guitarists, discover new guitar music, and improve your skills through opportunities to perform in a supportive environment. The meetings conclude with "guitar orchestra" where simple pieces are sight-read by the group under the direction of a senior music instructor.

To renew your yearly membership, to join Guitar Houston, or to upgrade your membership status, please print and fill out the form below, and send us the form via e-mail, mail, etc.. Call or write us for more information.

Why not get involved? GH can use your special talents in areas such as publicity, computers, publishing, organization, etc.. Most of our membership works outside of the classical guitar field; your talents can be utilized in many ways! If you want to be actively involved, you might consider joining the Board. There are also committee positions available for volunteers.
Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors meeting is an organizational meeting, where the board members discuss old and new business, committee reports, and vote on resolutions. Attendance at the board meeting is mandatory for board members. Any Guitar Houston member may attend. If you would like to become a board member, please contact GH and attend board meetings. If you do not wish to become a board member but would like to help out, we can certainly use your volunteer efforts by participating in committees -- we need your help!

Membership Benefits